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"Kamza Development" sh.p.k,

Sales office, Residential Complex" Garden City" Kamza Turn, Tirana

Tel: +355 (0) 48302659 - Mob (0) 67 20 72721 / (0) 67 20 45145


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For more than 15 years the company "Kamza Development" Ltd is trying to turn each human aspiration into a full satisfaction; creating a better experience in every aspect of life through its unique enterprise in civil construction. Today, "Kamza Development" Ltd with a local and international staff that brings to us an international experience induce a high quality and contemporary architecture & engineering standards. Great success of our company is simply the result of a constant commitment, passion for excellence and ability to adopt the latest technology and high quality raw materials.

Founded on the basis of the aspiration of its qualified staff, the company has made a very long way and already it counts 31 buildings and the residential complex known as "Garden City". Actually the newest project of our company is the new 14-floors building called "The Two Towers" inside the perimeter of the complex “Garden City”.

 "Kamza Development" Ltd aims at providing quality construction and contemporary standards for its customers. All these qualities have made Kamza Development sh.p.k during these years one of the most professional company in property management keeping the highest international standards.